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Career Coaching

Accompanying your career path

Career coaching deals with the question of whether and what you want to change in your current professional role in the future, to what extent your current professional role fulfils you and can continue to fulfil you in the future, and whether it still suits you

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Our life is the product of our thoughts.
Marcus Aurelius

When does Career Coaching make sense?

  • If you don’t make any progress in your professional role

  • If you receive negative feedback from yourprofessional environment

  • If you question your professional field of activity

  • If you feel that you cannot use your strengths in your professional environment

What happens in Career Coaching?

First we get to know each other in a first conversation. A suitable chemistry is very important for successful coaching.

Then the framework conditions can be clarified. Who’s the client, who’s the coach? Where and how do we meet?

Together we then work out the exact work assignment: what questions do you deal with? What do you want to achieve? What should we work on during the time together? This is where coaching often starts right away, so that you can see more clearly.

In the coaching itself, your concerns will be addressed individually and I support you with appropriate methods e. g. tetralemma, scaling, trialogue, etc. to reflect on them and to find your own answers and solutions. I have had very good experience with methods that make problems visible, tangible and noticeable, so that they can be discussed and thus changed.

The Advantages of Career Coaching. . .

  • You gain new perspectives and impulses for yourprofessional development

  • You gain clarity, energy and vigour.

  • You recognise your strengths and can use your potential.

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"You not only helped me to open up new perspectives after such a short time, but your professional coaching also gave me new strength to develop my potential. Thank you very much."



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