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To see clearly, a change of direction of view is sufficient.
Antoine Saint Exupéry


Professional and private developments can pose questions and challenges that can also sometimes be associated with uncertainty and perhaps even fear. Changes are part of our lives and usually offer opportunities.

As a coach and dialogue partner, I am the expert for the coaching process, offering you a protected, respectful framework and communication at eye level. I listen carefully, ask inspiring questions and give feedback. With a stimulus by your side, you can better analyze and classify your behavior. Then it is also easier to find your own way, to recognize the individual steps that are still necessary and to continue energetically.

I accompany individuals, executives or teams in companies who are in a situation of change and would like support through coaching. The coaching can take place at your company or in my premises in Wiesbaden,  alternatively online or in pure nature. My prices are based on the industry average. For me, coaching is very individual and personal. So also on this point. Please contact me accordingly.


I’m looking forward to getting to know you for the first time!

Wechsel der Blickrichtung

Career coaching is about the question whether your current professional role still suits you and whether it can continue to fill you in the future.

As coach, sparring partner and perspective changer, I will accompany you in reflecting on your current professional situation, identifying your desires and strengths so that you can find the right path for you.

Business Coaching accompanies executives in their entrepreneurial development, identifies hurdles and finds individual solutions.

As sparring partner, advisor and coach, I accompany you in reflecting on your own approach, identifying obstacles and finding ways to be efficient and effective in your professional role.

Team coaching supports team members and managers in becoming aware of their roles in the group so that everyone can pull together. 


As a team coach, I accompany the team building process and help ensure that the skills of the individual members complement each other and the team can develop further.

Next Steps...

  1. Non-binding preliminary talk

    First of all, we get to know each other in a non-binding preliminary talk. The framework conditions for the coaching, the requirements for the coach and the further procedure (involvement of the coachee or manager or staff) will be discussed so that you can then decide on the assignment of the coaching.


  2. Initial meeting

    In a first coaching session, the current situation is described with the concern and a corresponding objective is worked out. The objective should be clearly formulated and achievable. It may even be necessary that more than one coaching session is needed to develop the goal. Defining the goal in coaching is fundamental and can also be already the first step towards a solution.


  3. Coaching sessions

    In the subsequent coaching sessions, the issue is then processed further. Feedback and impulses create new point of views and perspectives. A structural, methodological approach is used to gain possible solutions and effectively achieve the objective.


  4. Closing coaching

    At the end of the coaching, the goal, the achievement of the goal as well as the entire process towards it are jointly evaluated. This procedure ensures that the solution developed is anchored in everyday life.

weg durch gestrüpp

"You not only helped me to open up new perspectives after such a short time, but your professional coaching also gave me new strength to develop my potential. Thank you very much."

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personality & competence

appreciative communication

targeted action

Business and Career Coaching

professional decision & development

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