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Transformation von Organisationen

Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them.
Albert Einstein


Consulting is our core competence in the areas of FMCG, NGOs and for medium-sized companies and organisations. The objectives and milestones of a project are closely coordinated with the responsible parties, stakeholders and shareholders and milestones are regularly reported. The project process then starts with the analysis and concept development, including ensuring a strategic fit. Successful development of potential requires careful coordination and agreement with all responsible parties and is supported throughout the project by means of tailor-made change management.
By consistently integrating strategically important functions, teams and executives of the organisation into the strategy development and implementation process of the project, in conjunction with careful, step-by-step corporate communication, stakeholders can become enthusiastic ambassadors of a new strategy and an organizational change can be successfully implemented.

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The aim of a successful communication strategy must be to communicate the relevant information to the specifically defined target group at the right time.

The aim of a holistic communication strategy is to communicate the previously defined values and messages across different communication channels in a uniform, efficient and comprehensible way to the different target groups.

Organisational Development

The aim of organisational development is to increase the flexibility and performance of an organisation in the long term by taking into account the needs and characteristics of the people who perform an organisation.


In the process of developing a corporate culture, managers and employees are involved and the corporate culture, structures and systems, the environment, processes and processes, rituals and values are considered.


Change Management always supports you when you want to move efficiently, purposefully and smoothly from one starting point to a pre-defined end point as resource-efficiently as possible.


The cornerstone of successful change management is the consideration of employees and a holistically clear communication of carefully selected messages to the specific target groups over a pre-defined period of time.

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Corporate Culture & Communication

Strategy Alignment & Change Management

Business Development & Business Coaching



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