Team Coaching

With team coaching from team building to team development

Team Coaching helps team members and managers to become aware of their roles in the group, so that team skills complement each other and can pull together.

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Teamwork is the ability to work together on a common vision.
Andrew Carnigle

When does Team Coaching make sense?

  • The team does not define itself as a team.

  • Roles and tasks in the team or even the goals are not clear.

  • There is fierce competition within the team.

  • The team doesn’t reach the targets.

  • There are big differences in self-perception and external perception visible to individual team members.

  • The team needs new perspectives inorder to reach its potential.

What happens in a Team Coaching?

First, we get to know each other in an initial contact and clarify the framework conditions. Who is the client? What is the starting situation? Where and how or how often do we meet?

Together we then work out the precise task: which questions need to be clarified? What should the team achieve? What should we work on during the time together?

Depending on the starting situation and the goal of the team coaching, different methods can lead to the goal, e.g. sociometric exercises, resource chat, team treasure chest or even joint games and activities in- and outdoors. It is important in advance to find a common understanding of the process between client and coach.

The advantages of a Team Coaching...

  • Better communication in the team.

  • Better understanding of your own role in the team and the roles of team members.

  • Common understanding of objectives.

  • Improving teamwork.

  • Increase the performance of the team.



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"You not only helped me to open up new perspectives after such a short time, but your professional coaching also gave me new strength to develop my potential. Thank you very much."