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Executive Coaching

Accompanying your entrepreneurial development

Business Coaching supports executives in a solution- and goal-oriented manner, identifies obstacles on the entrepreneurial path and effectively finds individual solutions.

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Those who change the perspective see things in a completely different light.
Karl Friedrich Schinkel

When does a coaching make sense?

  • If you are looking for support on issues such as leadership and team leadership

  • If you need a neutral view when dealing with conflicts between employees, colleagues or supervisors

  • If you need external growth impulses for development

  • If your performance is not visible

  • If you want to strengthen yourself, build your resilience, need better time management or just want to create your own work-life balance

What happens in a coaching?

First we get to know each other in a first conversation. A suitable chemistry is very important for successful coaching. In addition, the framework conditions are clarified. Who’s the client, who’s the coach? Where and how do we meet?

Then we work out the exact work assignment together: what questions do you have on your mind? What do you want to achieve? What should we work on during the time together? Often the coaching starts here and you start to have more clarity.

The coaching itself will then address your individual needs and support your path with the help of coaching techniques, such as systemic questioning methods, tetralemma, coaching with visual materials or the Zurich resource model, etc. so that you can reflect, find your own answers and develop your own solutions. Experience has shownthat methods are particularly well suited to makethe situation or the problem visible, experiencedor even noticeable and thus make it debatable.

The benefits of a coaching. . .

  • New perspectives and impulses.

  • Energy and energy for new successes.

  • Pleasure at work and in meeting with colleagues.

  • Security and clarity in decisions.

  • Balance and satisfaction in work andprivate life.

  • Resilience for times of special challenge.

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"You not only helped me to open up new perspectives after such a short time, but your professional coaching also gave me new strength to develop my potential. Thank you very much."



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