Professional and private developments can pose questions and challenges that can sometimes lead to uncertainty and perhaps even fear. Changes are part of our lives and every change process goes through typical phases, in which opportunities can also lie.


As a coach and dialogue partner, I am the expert for the process and offer you a protected, respectful framework and communication at eye level. I listen carefully, ask inspiring questions and give feedback. With a pulse generator at your side, you can better analyze and classify your behavior. Then it is also easier to find your own way, to recognize the individual steps that are still necessary and to continue energetically.


I accompany individuals or teams in companies that are in a change situation and would like support through coaching.

Goals & Reserves of Strength

self & resource management

Personality & Competence

personality coaching

Communication & Conversation Training

appreciative communication

Decisions & new beginnings

targeted action

Professional Decision & Development

business & career coaching

Team & Conflicts

team coaching, team development, team building



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